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 ===== 3 Gun Rifle and Shotgun Techniques Skill Builder ===== ===== 3 Gun Rifle and Shotgun Techniques Skill Builder =====
-Summary ​coming soon. If you're interested, please ​email us at [[info@pemi3gun.com]].+Bob Klimm and Josh Horowitz will be holding a class for experienced IDPA/USPSA competitors that want to get started in 3-Gun. This class is intended for shooters that have at least 3 matches under their belt, and are comfortable with match procedures and pistol shooting. 
 +Take what you already know from the other action shooting sports, get a head-start into the world of 3-Gun!  
 +Additional details ​coming soon. For more info or to sign up, please ​contact Bob Klimm at [[rklimm@strat-edg.com]] ​or (603) 630-9408.
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