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 +===== Pemi 3-Gun September 2020 Club Match =====
 +**Match Director:** TBD \\
 +**Setup:** Saturday, 5-Sep, 8:00a-12:00p **Volunteers needed!** \\
 +**Match:** Sunday, 6-Sep, 8:00a \\
 +Check-in opens at 8:00a to 8:45a on match day. 
 +Safety briefing is at 9:00a, first shots at 9:15a.
 +**Registration Opens:** Sunday, 16-Aug, 8:00a \\
 +**Registration Closes:** Friday, 4-Sep, 5:00p \\
 +<btn type="info" icon="glyphicon glyphicon-edit">[[https://practiscore.com/pemi-3-gun-september-2020-club-match/register|Register Now!]]</btn>
 +==== What to Expect ====
 +Please be aware that everyone __must__ make sure that they have a mask with them for situations where social distancing can not be maintained. 
 +==== Match Fees ====
 +**$30** - Competitors \\
 +**$30** - Staff \\
 +**$FREE** - Set-up Volunteers \\
 +Note: Online registration includes $1 service fee.
 +===== Stages =====
 +===== More Info =====
 +Please refer to the [[info:faq|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]] if you do not see an answer to your question here.
 +=== Rules and Penalties ===
 +See the [[info:rules|Pemi 3-Gun Rules]] page for reference. 
 +=== Ammo Requirements ===
 +See our article on [[info:roundcount|Match Round Counts]], and the [[info:ammopolicy|Ammunition and Steel Target Policy]] page.
 +=== Food and Drink ===
 +Please be sure to bring a lunch and plenty of water. Water will be available, bring a bottle to fill up.
 +=== New Shooters ===
 +We are actively working to involve new shooters in matches, but a 3-gun match is an action shooting event and is not an appropriate place to learn to shoot. We must insist that new competitors have at least some experience in action shooting (IDPA, USPSA, etc.) or have taken one of our intro classes. If you are unsure, please [[info:contact|contact us]] and we will be happy to discuss.
 +=== Match Structure ===
 +Our matches typically consist of 5 stages. Distances can be anywhere from 1 to 350 yards, and anywhere in-between. During registration, competitors will be assigned to a squad, and will move together with that squad throughout the match. 
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