Pemi 3-Gun does not publish specific round counts for matches.

You may have reshoots. You may be great with one gun and suck with another. You may have one match director that counts 1 target for a paper target and another that counts 2 targets for 2 hits on paper.

You will NEVER be able to calculate the correct round count for a 3 gun match. Your goal instead is to have enough every match.

The solution? This formula will get you through 99% of 3 Gun matches.

Local matches (not just Pemi 3-Gun):

  • 150 rounds of bird shot (lead only #9-#6 2 3/4“)
  • 150 rounds of pistol 9,40,45.
  • 150 rounds of rifle (no bimetal / steel / magnetic)
  • 20 slugs

Major matches:

  • 250 rounds of rifle,pistol, birdshot.
  • 50 slugs

Ultra matches (like Iron Man, Surefire, or Rocky Mountain)

  • 350 rounds of rifle, pistol, shotgun
  • 60 slugs.

If there are any odd things like a huge shotgun stage (more than 25), long distance, slings necessary, etc., a match director will let you know.

The name of the game is preparedness in 3 Gun. Have enough ammo. Have enough shotgun carriers to hold 24 rounds minimum for a local match and 48 for a major. Have your rifle sighted in. Not kinda… But actually sighted in.

If you follow this advice, you'll be solid for 99% of matches.

Be prepared and then you can focus on the stages, on safety, on your equipment, and on reset. You don't want to be focused on scraping together ammo at the last minute.

Adapted from an article by Kevin Travis of SoCo 3 Gun

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