Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, all Pemi 3-Gun matches are open to the public.

Yes, but all spectators must sign a waiver before entering the match, and all spectators must have eye and ear protection.

No, you do not need to be a member (but being a member greatly helps us improve and maintain facilities and equipment).

To participate in a match, you should either take one of our intro classes (offered several times a year), or have experience in other action shooting sports (IDPA, USPSA, etc.). In reality, 3-Gun can be a lot to manage for people new to action shooting, regardless of your other general firearms experience. We're happy to discuss your experience level and provide recommendations, please contact us for questions.

Competitors under the age of 18 are considered 'Juniors' and must be accompanied throughout the match by a parent or legal guardian. Juniors are allowed to complete once the Match Director is satisfied with their ability to handle firearms safely.

3-Gun is a 'Rain or Shine' sport. We will only cancel if weather conditions cause safety concerns (close lightning, etc.). Be sure to look at the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

Please see the Refunds page.

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