Preflight your Gear Before Every Match

By Josh Horowitz - 12-Dec-2015

'STOP STOP STOP' yelled Kevin, the RO. I knew exactly what happened, I felt it fall. My holster had come loose from its' Safariland QLS clip, and fell into the dirt. Crap.

For my STI DVC 3-Gun, I run a Safariland GLS 377 holster, with an Invictus Practical Holster Hanger, attached to a Safariland QLS clip. While resetting targets, the hardware from the drop/offset to the QLS clip worked itself loose, and managed to fall of my belt.

I had recently put together this setup, and never finished torquing or applying threadlocker to the hardware. Three matches later, and the hardware had worked itself totally loose. Let this serve as a reminder: Check your gear before every match and use Loctite on your holster and pouch hardware. The last thing you want is an unsafe situation or a DQ due to a preventable problem.

I prefer Loctite 243, which supersedes the prior 'blue' formulation (242). I also put witness marks on the screw heads, so that I could see at a glance if any had loosened.

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