Current Status as of 21-Jun-2020

July 5th Match Cancelled. As much as I hate to cancel another match, there are certain realities that we have to contend with in our post-COVID era. Thank you for your patience as we try to figure out what's next.

What's going on with 3-Gun?

I apologize for being incommunicado on what's been going on with 3-Gun at Pemi. The truth of the matter is that I've been struggling to figure out what is the best answer to everyone's questions of 'when can we start shooting again?'

The reality is that 3-gun is an intensive sport, and people are constantly in contact with each other, equipment, targets, and the like. I've spent hours going through potential format and process changes, in an attempt to figure out how to pay heed to the fact that there is still a pandemic going on in this country and at the same time not be an alarmist.

I'm very protective of this community, our big group of friends. I've tried to put a lot of thought into trying to weigh the risks and benefits. At the time there are just too many unknowns to try and run an event.

What's Next?

My plan is to assess during the month of July, to monitor trends both local and nationally. Currently we are starting to see spikes of infection rates in places that have opened back up, telling us that the struggle is far from over. I don't want to tell everyone that the August match is guaranteed to happen or not happen, just know that I'm paying close attention and will try to make the call that's best for the community.

-Josh - info@pemi3gun.com

Welcome Pemi 3-Gun, hosted by Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club in Holderness, NH. We hold 3-gun events throughout the summer season. Please bookmark this page for info and updates on upcoming events.

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3-Gun Setup (8:00a-12:00p) CANCELLED Saturday, 16-May
3-Gun Club Match CANCELLED Sunday, 17-May
Range Officer (RO) Training]] CANCELLED Saturday, 30-May
Intro to 3-Gun Class CANCELLED Saturday, 20-Jun
3-Gun Setup (8:00a-12:00p) CANCELLED Saturday, 4-Jul
3-Gun Club Match CANCELLED Sunday, 5-Jul
3-Gun Setup (8:00a-12:00p) Saturday, 1-Aug
3-Gun Club Match Sunday, 2-Aug
3-Gun Setup (8:00a-12:00p) Saturday, 5-Sep
3-Gun Club Match Sunday, 6-Sep
3-Gun Setup (8:00a-12:00p) Saturday, 3-Oct
3-Gun Club Match Sunday, 4-Oct
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